Democratic Party of Artsakh is the supporter of the healthy competition

A meeting of the Central Council of the Democratic Party of Artsakh with the participation of the members of the Council, leaders of the territorial units, MP candidates balloting by the proportional and majoritarian system was held on April 22.

In his speech the party leader noted the value of the forthcoming elections in the future forming of the permanent acting parliament. Ashot Ghoulyan believes that only fair elections in a healthy competition will provide conditions meeting the expectations of the people.

The head of the party added that the overwhelming majority of the electorate is interested in having a new different Parliament with new more worthy candidates.

He also pointed to the attempts of some political forces to put pressure on the electorate through the use of “black technology”. Having strongly condemned such actions, Ashot Ghoulyan stressed that the party considers such rules unacceptable and is a supporter of only healthy competition and strict compliance with the election campaign.

“Remaining committed to its principles the ADP prefers fair and impartial fight and in the case of receiving trust of the people is ready to represent the interests of the public and their potential for the benefit of Artsakh” Ashot Ghoulyan declared.

At the end of the meeting members of the Central Council made a number of proposals. The meeting was summed up by the Head of the DPA Ashot Ghoulyan.