Central Council

according to the decision of the 4th Congress

N Name, Surname Position held
1 Ashot V. Ghulyan Chairman of the National Assembly, Chairman of the Central Council of the DPA
2 Suren A. Grigoryan Mayor of the town of Stepanakert
3 Armo M. Tsatryan Chief of Control Service of the NKR Government apparatus and of prime-minister of NKR
4 Manush M. Minasyan Rector of Arstakh State University
5 Benik H. Bakhshiyan Private owner
6 Donara S. Gabrielyan Rector of the University Mesrop Mashtots
7 Vardges B. Baghryan
8 Mushegh G. Ohanjanyan Adviser of the Chairman of the National Assembly
9 Vahram S. Atanesyan The chairman of the commission of the external relations of the National Assembly
10 Edik I. Ghukasyan Surgeon in Republican Hospital
11 Pavel S. Najaryan Deputy Minister of Construction
12 Mayor A. Danielyan Vice-chairman of Control Chamber
13 Khoren S. Vardanyan Chairman of the Council of Shahoumian region
14 Vitalik G. Poghosyan Chairman of the Council of Hadrout region
15 Raya T. Nazaryan Secretary of the Commission of the Central Electoral Committee
16 Sergey H. Melqumyan The head of the office of the Democratic Party of Artsakh
17 Arevik V. Petrosyan Chairman of public organization “Vita”
18 Davit I. Miqayelyan Editor of the newspaper “Hayreniq” (Homeland)
18 Lyudmila A. Barseghyan The director of children`s youthful centre of creation.
20 Slavik A. Arushanyan Chairman of the Council of Askeran region
21 Melsida S. Qardumyan Chairman of the Council of Mardakert region
22 Jemma S. Avetisyan Chairman of the Council of Martuni region
23 Ashot A. Harutyunyan Chairman of the Council of Shushi region
24 Levon H. Haroyan
25 Karlen S. Margaryan Head of department of education and sport of the town council
26 Hakob A. Sayamyan



N Name, Surname Position held
1 Jirayr A. Hayrapetyan Head of school in Qert
2 Svetlana S. Davtyan Assistant of the chairman of the Council of town Stepanakert
3 Suren V. Tamrazyan The 1st vice-mayor of the town of Stepanakert
4 Palmira G. Grigoryan The doctor in Republican Hospital
5 Artur A. Minasyan Head of Hadrout school