DPA does not overlook the problems of the community development

Within the frame of the election campaign the Leader of the Democratic Party of Artsakh Ashot Ghoulyan and a group candidates balloting by the proportional and majoritarian system (Armo Tsaturyan, Tigran Hakopyan, David Mikayelyan) had a meeting with the electorate of the village of  Aygestan in Askeran region.

During the meeting Ashot Ghoulyan touched upon the role of the forthcoming elections and in this context, underlined peculiarities of the new parliament, calling the participants be sure to participate in the elections.

According to the DPA leader it is extremely important to have transparent and fair parliamentary elections of the 6th convocation for the international observers to consider them as a step forward.

Ashot Ghoulyan noted that Aygestan is one of those communities of the republic the inhabitants of which have always been exclusively well organized at crucial moments. At the same time he expressed confidence that one of the important factors of peace and stability in the region is the cohesion and unity of its people.

At the meeting with the electorate the issues of development of the community, improving the efficiency of agriculture, soil fertility improvement, implementation of agricultural production were also discussed.

The candidates recommended the electorate to get acquainted with the provisions of the DPA election program, compare it with the ones of the other parties and give preference to a political force whose candidates are able to meet the expectations of the people. “A lot depends on your choice. This chance will be given to you on May 3 and you need to do the right choice”, noted Ashot Ghoulyan.

In conclusion the party leader answered to different questions of the electorate.

In the frame of the election campaign the head of party together with the number of candidates had meetings in the communities of Khnatsakh, Lusadzor, Astkhashen, Dahrav, Patara, Khantsk, Khndziristan, Rev and others.