Meeting of the DPA Leader with the teachers of Stepanakert

April 20 evening, the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Artsakh had a meeting with the secondary school teachers of the capital in Stepanakert Culture and Youth Palace.

Underlining the importance of the forthcoming Parliamentary elections, Ashot Ghoulyan expressed confidence in the fact that as before the teachers will actively participate in the elections and be an example for many people.

“Everyone clearly realizes all the circumstances needed for carrying out of the successful election which will be carefully followed by the international observers. And May 3, to make our expectations come true all as one should vote and choose the most deserving candidates”, noted the Head of the Party.

Touching upon changes in the education system, the MP candidate briefly outlined the main approaches of the electoral program of the Party. According to the speaker the party highlighted the importance of the improvement of the logistical base of the primary, secondary and high educational institutions, establishment of the unified internet network on the territory of Artsakh.

The party leader pointed at the importance of review of the education curriculum taking into account of the proposals from the educational institutions. During the meeting Ashot Ghoulyan assured that if elected, the representatives of the party will carry out their duties with responsibility and endeavor to solve the problems raised by the citizen during the electoral campaign.

At end of the meeting the Chairman of the National Assembly answered to the questions raised by the teachers of Stepanakert.