Meeting of the DPA Central Council

March 17 an enlarged session of the Democratic Party of Artsakh was held.

The questions related to the participation of the party in the forthcoming parliamentary elections on May 3 2015 were included into the agenda.

Presenting the main directions of the pre-electoral program and the party strategy chairman of the DPA Central Council Ashot Ghoulyan in his speech noted that the parliamentary elections are the best test for the political parties from ideological, program, institutional, personnel and other dimensions.

Looking back at the participation in the three previous elections and achievements, chairman of the Central Council underlined the importance of the continuation of the party strategic course and active party construction.

During the meeting the Party Central Council discussed and adopted the proportional list of the DPA and the candidates nominated by the majoritarian system.

Deputy Chairman of the DPA Central Council Souren Grigoryan presented the focus of the party on conducting the forthcoming elections based on democratic principles and free competition underlining the importance of enhancing the international image of Artsakh.

Summarizing the results of the meeting, Chairman of the Central Council Ashot Ghoulyan declared that the Democratic Party of Artsakh composed of highly qualified and deserving candidates will participate in the National Assembly elections of the 6th convocation.

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